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Hello. I'm having a problem with the radio display panel (non sat nav version) that shows the AC temperature, radio info and time. This is the rectangular display that is above the radio unit. The display turns off randomly and flickers on/off on a random basis. Just before it cuts off AUX is displayed before it shut down. It is a 2008 honda civic sport 3 door. I've purchased the car with a bluetooth kit installed.

I have attached the display issue.

I do not know how to open my dash and get at the PCB and the display itself. I have searched google and found the before as the nearest thing. Its not the radio i think is faulty but the display panel just above the radio which display the tracks, volumn etc.

I would be very appreciative if someone could direct me to a place within the forums where it can explain step by step the dash disassemble process so I can access the bad display that the circuit board that controls it. Also i tried searching on ebay for a replacement but there are only the sat nav version which mine do not have sat nav. Will it still work on a non sat nav version?

I do not have a factory repair manual and the aftermarket ones are usually a waste of time so I was really hoping someone in the forums could help me. Thank you for your time.


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