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Alright I paid my Fee's for 11 mouths. Maybe longer:wavey:.

I wanna know if there is any Engineer's on this site?

I need all the idea we can Brain stome.

I would like to invest some of my Stock market Cash out Money into Rewriting what honda has already done for me you meaning the civic owner's.
I want to get 75mpg's maybe even 100MPG out of the R18A1 I bought an LX for one reason to research how to Improve Fuel economy. I love honda's This will make my 4th i I own not finance.

So im asking anyone and every one to help dig up anything you can find or think up in your mind to help me conduct my research to make the r18 get 75-100miles per gallon. Once some come's up with a good idea ill spend my money and buy the parts and install them and post pictures of the this site?:eek:hsnap::coffee:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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