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Hey everyone! I'm new to this forum. I've been doing research and have not been very successful in any answers to my questions. I know it is possible to swap in a k20 into a 2006 civic ex(fa1)sedan, due to final results findings but I need some more details. I was planning on doing the k20z3.

Pretty much seems plug and play from what I did find bit there are little findings on a part lists.

First, can I keep the hydraulic power steering.
Next, is it really plug and play? Or does it need to be another k20 other than the z3.

I understand new ecu, wire harness, transmission, new shifter and assembly, upgrade cv axles.

If anyone knows a list for a fa1, that would be extremly helpful or a video to a detailed swap into that frame. Thanks! I just have not found anything regarding 2006 civics.
(I'm not just buying an Si. I should have just bought one but that is in the past and what is done is done.)
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