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R18A1 third cylinder exhaust valve little spring

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Hello there,

Yesterday i did valve clearance check for a first time of my R18A1 and i have found this little spring underlay the first exhaust valve spring on the third cylinder.

What is the propose of this little spring and whether it should be there?


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From the pinkish paint on it I think its part of one of the lost motion springs (part of the ivtec system). Referencing your first photo, two of these springs can be seen, they are hidden in the large metal casting (Lost motion holder) that fits over the valve train, you can see the one on the left is either less compressed (or perhaps missing that broken bit) than the one on the right.

Any codes at all?

Sorry I wish it was less serious, perhaps its just left over damage from a prior failure and the mechanic didn't fish out the spring fragment.
Maybe it is only a broken part of one of the lm springs... :facepalm:
Certainly looks like part of the spring including the little metal seat built into the end. Definitely a bummer.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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