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R18 to R20

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I know there are older threads on this, I've just been trying to get some more information on modifying my R18. According to some, you can run certain parts from an R20 (cam, crank, oversized pistons, amongst a few other things). I'm wondering if anyone knows someone who has successfully done this, or has any info on what I can do to find out what will work and what wont.

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whats the point?
People wanna boost the little guy lol I wanna boost my 2013 2.0l just to get more power ik its gotta be possible
Absolute best case you make 15 more HP than an r18. Thats still 40 shy of an si. Not to mention the aftermarket support. No one will know you spent thousands of
Dollars putting an r20 in unless you tell them.
I mean yes but it's just as fast I feel with a lil push the r20 could be a good build
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