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R18 to R20

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I know there are older threads on this, I've just been trying to get some more information on modifying my R18. According to some, you can run certain parts from an R20 (cam, crank, oversized pistons, amongst a few other things). I'm wondering if anyone knows someone who has successfully done this, or has any info on what I can do to find out what will work and what wont.

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At the end of the day it's beyond cheaper to turbo or supercharge the r18 compared to this r20 none sense nobody has done this for a reason if I'm going in on the block which I will later on I'm doing a built r18 block so it can handle more psi etc vs basically dropping in stock r20 parts I prefer a built motor.

This whole bs r18 fight about making power is laughable you can tell you r18 users that want to make power but don't read or even bother to do research on power gains with this motor. I'm gonna say it again I know for a fact 324 whp is reachable I know one person that done it with a built shorty only let's add some headwork in there and see then.

Folks have made 188whp- 286whp I seen non built motor. Your more then doubling the stock output on top of that the car is light weight? What more do you need that's a ton of power for this small car it's not heavy. So many power hungry r18 owners yet they don't bother to see all the plethora of parts out to gain power. This is not a SI if you want to wake up the r18 the first mods should be force induction and flashpro period then build around it.

It's a totally different car then you can do suspension mods brake mods etc etc etc list goes on. There is no cheap way to make power on any car. Swapping in a r20 will cost more then force induction. Sooo why don't some of you r18 owners stop do research visit the turbo thread and the turbo r18 Facebook site as most are on there and see what kind of power is going on and total cost invested. Yes there are supercharged owners there as we'll. If your unwilling to go the force induction route then don't complain about power just do that stance crap or trade your car in. Or build for looks not power.

Remember 95% of the parts they make for a si the r18 has a equivalent version just will not produce the same power gains. Either way you go whether you trade in for a si or mod r18 it will cost money more power equals some cash flow to get there. Want to save money buy used parts as they show up. It takes sometime and waiting for sure ask around post wtb threads looking for parts I personally have had great success in this market you will be surprised the total cost of my turbo build once I finish. These are all name brand parts nothing I custom put together

Just take your time save your money don't waste it on stance crap or rims or interior mods or suspension unless you find killer deal and I mean killer deals. Save up 3500 get a turbo kit or supercharger kit with flashpro. Then get it installed and tuned. It will not be over night and will be the course of a year or so but worth it once it's done and you can move on to different phase of making real power.
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Bro, have you done it? I also want to make my r18 a 2.0 I don’t want it to turbocharge or anything I just want to make it like a bigger displacement but at the same still have economic use, I’m fine that it will only run at 150+ horsepower.
That makes no sense to spend all that money and not even boost it. You
Could just boost your r18 with basic mods and get 187whp add cooling to get even more and still come out spending less. But if your going to build the r20 block etc maybe then
They have the same parts I guess?? The only difference between them was the combustion calculation?? Stroke and it’s intake manifold?? It wouldn’t take much cash I think right??
What are you asking exactly?? If your not building that r20 block why source one?? Just make the r18 block work build it or just boost it or leave it alone
I’m trying to convert my r18 into r20 so I can have a 2.0L soch 🤣 for aesthetic purposes only actually
Nobody will know it’s 2.0 and there are other issues that arise with that bottom end but ok it’s your time and money
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