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R18 NST pulley kit DIY

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" This is a complete DIY installation guide for the 3 piece NST kit from NST - NonStopTuning "

NST - The Leader In 8th Gen Civic Pulleys

1.- park your car and make sure you have room to play whit the car

2.- jack up the car and take the wheel off and for better access turn the whe steering wheel all the way to the right

3.- disconect the battery(just for safe...)

4.- remove the 2 lil clips that hold the crank pulley cover

5.- unplug the crank pulley cover from the inner fender, it doesnt remove completly, cus it goes from fender to fender like the Si one...

6.- now you have acces to the crank pulley....

7.-open the hood and take a look to the left side (if youre in front of the car) so you can see the alternator and the pulley, and if you look closer... just under the alt pulley is the water pump pulley

8.- to remove the belt, first you have to locate the tensioner, its the big silver part you can see in front of the pulley, or you can just remove the alt first... its the same... i removed the alternator

9.- remove all the connections of the alt, they are 2 harnesses over the alt with a black cover... and another cable that goes in the black bracket over the alt

10.- to remove the alt you need to unscrew 3 bolts one over the alt(easy access), other in front of the alt (easy access), and the last one is under the alt(you need large socket[a lil difficult access])

the last one is the one that holds the belt tensioner(easy access[when you remove this, you can remove the belt if you hadnt])

11.- now you can remove the alt pulley, a friend helped me, he held the pulley and I used the impact wrench to remove it. note: he only used his MECHANICS gloves to hold the pulley

12.- put the new pulley and tighten it with the impact wrench
**i forgot to take a pic of the NST installed... but it looks exactly as the one of the Si**
so i use this pic of the K20Z3 NST pulley kit DIY

13.- at this point the alt pulley is done... but dont reinstall the alt... cus you need that space in the engine to get a good access to the water pump

14.- you can see that the water pump pulley haves 3 bolts on it, it was a lil difficult to unscrew those because the pulley turns freely so you have to secure it, or hold it, i tried to hold it with my hands and my friend tried to uncrew the bolts from under the car, we could unscrew 2... but the third was so dificult, so we just discover a new method to lock the pulley... you need a screw driver (not too big... but not to small)

you have to put the screw driver in one of the holes of the stock wp pulley so the screw driver passes from one side to other, like the pic and now you can losen the bolts on the wp,

15.- then, when you have removed the 3 bolts, take care and hold the wp... cus it can fall so hold it whit your hand, then remove it and place the NST one, and reinstall the bolts

16.- now you can reinstall the alt, just screw all the bolts you unscrewd.... one over the alt, 2 hiden on one side of the alt and the tensioner one that is in front of the alt

17.- well, now the crank one... you need a 180+ lb/ft torque impact wrench for this.... cus its very tight, and a 2nd person who is gonna shift in 5th gear and press the brake(this is to lock the crank), and just unscrew the bolt and remove the stock pulley, i didnt use the pulley remover tool, but if you have it, use it... be carefull to not loose the KEY of the pulley cus you need it and its a small piece
**as my impact wrench wasnt powerfull to remove the bolt, i ask for my dealer to install it... and they dont let me take pictures(cus they doesnt charge me anything, and doesnt want that his manager know about it)** but uninstalled its like the one on the Si

and this is the pulley key... same in both engines

18.- install the NST pulley, make sure it fit and dont force it too much, when installed it has to spin freely, try that... if its not spinning its not installed propertly, remove and try again

19.- re install the belt, here i drew a diagram of the belt

20.- move the tensioner until the other person places the belt in position(the belt can be K070760 or K060760[if you got the K060760, just check that the belt is aligned propertly on all the pulleys, if you get the K070760 that’s even better... it fits 100% perfect])

21.- drive it

22.- love it

23.- share it

24.- NST FTW!!!

by: el_ben2, Marcelo(my sponsor and owner of RPMSperformance.com) and my dealer
whit the cooperation of Mike(NST owner): some grammar and spelling corrections
pics by: el_ben2 and MADDOGSI
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Awesome that you came through with the video man.

Honestly I can't tell much difference from watching a video but I'll take your word on it... Im just debating whether or not the myth of any off-balance with aftermarket pulley's is true or not. I plan on keeping this car till it dies so I don't want anything that will shorten it's life span.
Nice. Any problems with the lights dimming when idling or anything like that?
YOGIx213 said:
Nice. Any problems with the lights dimming when idling or anything like that?
The problems of lights dimming and batteries not charging well is nonexistent with NST kits. The alternator actually charges better with the NST kit than it does with the Honda pulleys.

NST FTW :vtec:
For those of you who installed this, did you have to swap out the crank belt? It says on the NST website to change it: http://www.nonstoptuning.com/infoPageBelts.htm
So I was wondering if you did and where you bought the belt from.
yeah if you get the crank pulley you need to change the belt, if you only get the wp or/and the alt one, you can use stock one
i bought the K060760 from goodyear in a local autozone... you can find the belt almost anywhere the number is 06= 6 ribs 0760=the lenght(spell?)
just make sure its alinged propertly... or if you get the K070760 it will fit like stock... both works... but i think the one of 7 ribs are discontinued
video (2nd chance)
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You hit 60mph pretty fast. Was that about 7-8 seconds? Anyway, I'm seriously considering this, might get it in a couple of weeks. It also looks like there is no waiting period (like the SI pulleys), shows the R18 ones as in stock as opposed to the SI's being special ordered. I would have bought it this week but ended up purchasing some Polk db650 speakers (minutes ago). Picking them up tomorrow and will get them installed but my next project will likely be the NST pulleys.

Thanks for all the info, vids, pics, and links!
el_ben2 said:
Length :thumb:
YOGIx213 said:
You hit 60mph pretty fast. Was that about 7-8 seconds?

I just noticed that your gauge is probably reading in km, not mph. Still seems pretty quick.
Damn dude, if that's your parking garage in your first pic, that's so sexy.

And also, does your car just idle at 2000+ rpms?

Mine's at like somewhere around 1000+, just wondering.
YOGIx213 said:
I just noticed that your gauge is probably reading in km, not mph. Still seems pretty quick.
yeah it was in KPH
ill try again tonight and ill switch to MPH for all you

Liu said:
Damn dude, if that's your parking garage in your first pic, that's so sexy.

And also, does your car just idle at 2000+ rpms?

Mine's at like somewhere around 1000+, just wondering.
yes thats my garage... but its a problem to park the car on it when its rainning... cus the tile, the car spin like a slut, and i need to take some distance
no, my car idle like 800-1000 rpms too but i was reving a lil the car....
nice vid...props
did you by chance see where the auto-tensioner indicator is? for the life of me i cant find it. pics would be awesome!
mmm sorry but what do you mean whit auto-tensioner?
It helps control the tension of the timing belt, but I have no clue where it is either.
well let me check the HELMS manual
isnt there an arrow or something like on the k-series engine that tells you if the tension of the belt is within spec?
Great job w/ the DIY... I am VERY tempted to get the kit and do this myself, but after reading everything on these forums I could about it, I am uncertain... mainly b/c there are no dynos or any info on long terms effects for R18s yet. Particularly the dynos: some NST supporters have said that dynos are coming, but it's been many months and nothing yet, which makes me wonder whether they did some dynos but got disappointing results, or are hesitant for some reason, or...? Most posts about them are quite positive though, and I am still highly considering them.
ill try to get a dyno run next time i travel to texas...
yeah ive really been wanting to order them but i dont wanna do it myself...lol part lazy and the other not having all the proper tools..i need to call and see how much itll cost to get these installed
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