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R18 full build

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Hello everyone! So a few years back I bought a 2010 civic dx-vp with a 5 speed manual transmission. Since then I have gotten quite into cars and want to start doing a major build on this car. I have been doing research for about the last year and a half and I feel that I am ready to begin this challenge. Before I get into this, my car is fully paid off, no I do not want to engine swap or sell it and get an SI, and yes I am aware that the R18 wasn't designed for much power. I want to work on this car because it is a cheap and good learning platform. That being said, I am willing to invest the money that is required to do this build properly. Most of the forums here about building the R18 are eight or nine years old so I figured I would start up a new thread. So as for this I am looking for feedback on which brands are good, things to look out for, and any suggestions anyone may have. I already have a full cat back installed as well as a cold air intake kit. I have Deatschwerks 525cc injectors and a Deatschwerks 255LPH fuel pump that I am waiting to install until after I get my Hondata flashpro. I want to eventually install the Full race turbo kit, but I want to build the top of my motor first just to minimize my risk. I want to get a skunk2 camshaft, CP pistons forged piston heads, K1 rods forged connecting rods, Brian Crower valve spring upgrade, weapon R intake manifold with the thermal gasket, a skunk2 throttle body(although I am not sure if that will line up with the intake manifold). The turbo kit I am looking at boasts 300+whp at 12psi (hence why I want to build the head first). Has anyone tried any of these upgrades or used this turbo kit before? Is there anything that I am missing that I would need for a bullet proof build? Any advice or help is appreciated.
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God damn. Yea ill have to think a new career path if i want to dish money like that. Props to you (boosted owner) for spending that kinda cash on an R18.

There are plenty of threads i could look up, but this place is a ghost town, reccomendations (from boosted owner) for bolt ons? Id greatly appreciate.

Its corona virus time, so who knows when shipping items will be back to normal. Currently I just want aesthetics, lip, rear visor, hoodbra, painted brake components. But id love to see a good bolt on list from an r18 owner whos done a full build.

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