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So far its had an ea81 subaru , an m15a suzuki ,an m18a suzuki and now the r18...
An L15 would have gone ok and saved about 10 or 15 kg but the r18 weighed 1kg less when i swapped them .

It makes good enough power with 4 38mm carbs , 2.5 inch exhaust and ported head and owes me about $1200 NZD ready too run (80,000km engine )

More power would mean more weight (bigger car engine ) which would suck.
Turbo , would mean weight , cost , heat and extra crap in the engine bay
Grunty light ski engines are fragile , noisey and expensive .

And carbing an r18 is something different and somthing too do ...

There is always a faster one , its a mugs game trying too beat them all :deadhorse:
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