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new date... my meet on the 23rd, is being shifter to the 31st. and were combining meets and going to hopkinton state park for the MRC. refer to this thread. we want to have one huge meet. there is a bunch of people coming to mine on the 23rd, and a bunch going to theres on the first. no one has work or school on the 1st, so i think we should do that. tell everyone you know, and have them go.

Hopkinton State Park Meet Sunday Aug. 31st 12pm-whenever

let me know if you cant go and i will remove you off my list here. it isnt that far from where i live here, so if you guys wanna meet up with me here at 10-11am, we can all ride up there together!!! i'll be a good time cuz they already have minimum of 10 people going and we got like 9 from here. sorry if i forgot to add your name to my list here, but let me know if you dont see your name on here or if you need to be taken off.

1. Fly Rye - hotdogs, plates, napkins. baseball bats, 2 baseballs
2. erikjh06redsi - what can you bring?
3. Yankees2519 - what can you bring?
4. Darkrom - maybe
5. Jtmoney - maybe
6. Truplantano - sodas/drinks
7. 07fijisiinri - variety of chips
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