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The anodized rear lower tie bars finally came in. :D

If you'd like to custom order one for your car, feel free to PM me. I've already made one for Unique Mods, Mikey, and Tricky. Unfortunately my camera battery died and I've lost the charger so I can't take any new photos of those until I get a new charger. Mikey was kind enough to let me use his SLR so I could snap a few quick shots of these.

After this weekend I should have a few "stock" versions which will be available for purchase off of my website with the Yospeed logo engraved onto them. Ones with Yospeed engraved onto them will be $74.95 plus shipping. As an alternative, you can have your own engraving machined onto the face for $25.

I'm not going to lie - these things are drop dead gorgeous. If I wasn't so broke I'd probably keep them all just so I could stare at them all day long.

The black is amazing. The surface finish makes it look like it's a part taken directly from a jet fighter. The purple is ridiculously loud and displays an amazing luster in the sunlight. And the gold - oh man. I was half afraid that when I got them back they'd be a dull mustard or flat yellow color. Instead I was blown away by how incredibly bad ass they look. Anyways, I'll stop tooting my own horn and let you guys decide for yourselves whether or not they're worthy of your praise.

Group photo - black, purple, gold, and brushed.

Close up of gold anodized finish.

Close up of purple anodized finish.

Close up of black anodized finish.

Sidewall of the tie bar. The back is machined out to reduce weight and aid in clearing the rear chassis.

45 degree chamfer transition to corner rounded surface finish as the face meets the engraving surface.


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you know I'm always down to support yospeed!

Any price ideas? Color options? Keep up the good work man. Whats next by the way?
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