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How she sits right now:

This is how she sounds:
YouTube - 2008 Civic Si - New England Dragway Run 2


Current Mods:
TSX/S2000 Retrofit/4300K HID
Front/Rear JDM Red 'H' Badges
Front License plate flip
Strutking Deadrest pedal
Pure white rear license plate LEDs
HFP Lip Kit
OEM Fog Lights
Auto Dimming Day/Night Rear-view Mirror
White LED Interior Lighting (Map/Dome/Trunk)
Skunk2 Weighted 6spd knob
Auger boot (Black w/ Red Stitch)
Pioneer Avic-D3 In-Dash Navigation w/ DVD player, Bluetooth adaptor, ipod adaptor and remote
Black 'Si' Door Sills
Vibrant Catback Exhaust
Comptech ShortShifter w/ Corsport Cable Bushings
Ingalls "Stiffy" Engine Torque Damper
P2R Throttle Body Spacer w/ 2 Gaskets
HFP Suspension
Progress Rear Sway-Bar
Seibon OEM Style Carbon Fiber Hood
NHBP grille w/ red stripe
JDM style Yellow DRL
Vibrant Race-Header w/ High-Flow Cat
Custom Intake (Thanks, Mike :thumb:)
CF HFP front lip overlay
Enkei MM2 Wheels 18x7.5 +38 (18.5lbs)
Yokahama S.Drive Tires 225/40/17
Ingalls Powerstick (Pending Install)
TWM Base Bushings (Pending Install)

Planned Mods:
Turbo (Greddy Most likely)



1/11/2008 - In the parking lot @ work. Day 1 (12hrs old). Camera phones suck.

1/16/2008 - CustomLights RetroFit: TSX Projectors w/ S2K Shrouds (LowBeam housing painted low-gloss Black): How retrofit looks, Wallshot of retrofit, How Retrofit lights up visible area in front of car

1/16/2008 - A few more pics from this morning. One w/ frost on the car before I left, then a few more in the parking lot at work. Take note of mods: Front & Rear JDM Emblems and HFP LipKit :thumb:

1/20/2008 - Dyno Day (Bone Stock)

Video - YouTube - 08 Civic Si - Stock Dyno

Dyno Sheet:

1/21/2008 - Installed Skunk2 Shift Knob and Auger Shift Boot w/ Grafixpressions Decal

2/1/2008 - Installed Pioneer Avic-D3 Navigation Unit & DVD Player w/ Ipod cable and Bluetooth adapter

2/11/2008 - Hit & Run while parked somewhere.. cracked hood & scratched bumper/emblem YAYAYYYY!!!!

Hit & Run FTMFL!!!! :chill:

2/24/2008 - Installed Black 'Si' Door Sills

3/1/2008 - Installed Vibrant Performance Street Power Catback Exhaust -- Sound/Video clips coming soon (video camera is charging)

Video: YouTube - Vibrant Performace Catback Exhaust 2008 Honda Civic Si

3/27/2008 - Installed Corsport Shifter Cable Bushings, Ingalls Engine Torque Damper and P2R Throttle Body Spacer & Gaskets

4/15/2008(or close to it) - HFP Suspension installed

6/2/2008 - Progress Rear Sway-Bar and White interior LEDs installed.

6/13/2008 - CF Hood. NHBP Si Grille w/ Red pinstripe & JDM Style Yellow DRLs installed:

6/27/2008 - Vibrant Header w/ HFC, X-style intake w/ stock MAF and Carbon Fiber Front lip overlay installed

7/9/2008 - Modded MAF housing

7/18/2008 - Enkei MM2 18x7.5 +38 wrapped in Yokohama S.Drive 225/40/18 installed


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Your windshield wipers are still up! Congrats on the purchase. Now you have the fun :vtec:
lol yea... its reeeaalllll fun!

Good upgrade! Can't wait to see it modded!
Me ewither :popcorn:

Awesome man! Glad you see you got it. Wait until its broken in and its nothing but fun! :) repped
Already fun... :lildevil:

throw everything already!
I will, i will!!! probably this weekend.

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PIMPIN! Did they drill your front bumper :-(
i looked real quick last night and it didnt look like it. but there were shadows and it was dark. im gonna be taking it off and 'flipping' the plate holder anyways... so we'll find out tonight :eek:hnoes:

talked tot he dealer a few moments ago. cant get my fogs and HFP lip kit till monday.

edit: it just dawned on me that the letters on my new plates are 'WOT'... hehehee :vtec:

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nice, youll enjoy it...new pics are a must once everything gets put on:thumb:

are you selling the stockers?

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nice, youll enjoy it...new pics are a must once everything gets put on:thumb:

are you selling the stockers?
Yea... i NEED to find my camera, lol. As for the stockers... im gonna keep them on through the winter and use the time to fix some small curb rash on my RSX_S wheels. That way they are nice and purdy for the springtime :laughing:... after that... i dont know.

Yea hooray for V2! GL with it
Congrats on your new purchase hope you enjoy it!
Thanks guys! I love it.

usually the plates connect on the bottom grille so i doubt they drilled his cover
Yea, but some dealers drill and extra hole for support, which is stupid. I dont think they did though. Ill look again when i go out for lunch in about 15-20mins
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