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"PrEgO CaNe'S Taffeta FG2 Build"

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Traded my 2006 ASM Civic Lx for my new 2008 TW Civic Si on July 7th 2008. Best choice I made by far.

Current Mods to date July 22nd 2012

Engine/Performance Modifications
-TWM Short Shifter
-TWM Cable Bushings (removed, no 2nd gear grind anymore :woot:)
-TWM Base Bushings
-AMSOIL Synthetic 5-W30
-AMSOIL Synthetic Manual Synchromesh Transmission Fluid
-Ingalls Torque Dampener "Stiffy"
-DIY JDM Dipstick
-Boomba Oil Cap (red) (SOLD)
-Boomba Battery Tie Down (red) (SOLD)
-PasswordJDM Carbon Fiber Power Chamber
-Custom Made Battery Re-locator
-X Intake (Removed)
-p2r Throttle Body Spacer & Gaskets
-Malibu Customz Carbon Fiber Radiator Cover
-YoSpeed Battery Tie Down
-PasswordJDM Carbon Fiber Spark Plug Cover
-PasswordJDM Carbon Fiber Intake Manifold Cover
-Gold Mugen Oil Cap (SOLD)
-Hondata FlashPro
-J35 Throttle Body & Gasket
-Custom Candy Teal Valve Cover
-T1R Polished Oil Cap
-Greddy Evo2

Wheel/Suspension and Brake Upgrades
-17" Fast Wheels Virus Rims (SOLD)
-215/45ZR17 BFG GForce T/A KDW2 (SOLD)
-HFP 18" Carbon-Bronze Rims (SOLD)
-215/40ZR18 BFG GForce T/A KDW2 (SOLD)
-Advan RG2 17x8.5 +31
-Advan Low Rise Center Caps
-215/40R17 Yokohama S.Drives
-Project Kics R40 NeoChrome Lug nuts
-BuddyClub N+ Coilovers
-Skunk2 Pro-Series Camber Kit V2 (Gold Anodized)
-HFP Suspension (REMOVED)
-Progress Rear Sway Bar
-TL-S Brembo Caliper's (Teal)
-StopTech Front and Rear Drilled/Slotted Rotors
-Hawk HPS Front and Rear Pads
-ATE SuperBlue Dot 4 Brake Fluid
-TL-S Brake Master Cylinder

-Pioneer Avic D3 (with ipod hook-up and 30gig ipod video)
-Steering Wheel Controls
-Alpine 6 1/2" SPS-600C
-Alpine 6 1/2" SPS-600
-JBL 5 Channel Amp GTO5355
-Infinity Kappa 12" sub
-Stinger Cap
-Viper 5002 (alarm)
-OEM Dash Kit
-Scoshe Trim Ring
-Accord Horn

-GrafiXpressions White Steering Wheel Emblem
-Strutking dead pedal
-TWM M1 Abrams Gun Metal Shift knob
-Red Door Inserts
-HFP Console Badge
-YoSpeed Door Sills (wrinkle black with Si)
-OEM rubber Mats
-CSX shifter bin
-s2000 Push Button Start
-FD2 Hazard Button

-HFP full Aero Kit
-Debadged Civic Emblem
-GrafiXpressions Red Tail Light Tint
-HFP Sport Muffler (Removed)
-OEM Fog Lights (Removed)
-20% Tint (back three windows)
-ClubSi.com license plate trim (removed)
-Super White LED License Plate Lights
-ivtec DOHC removal
-Front & Back Red JDM Emblems (Sold)
-TWFG2 Crew Sticker #35 (white)
-Painted Calipers Black With Grafixpressions.com Honda sticker (Removed)
-AP1 S2K Projectors with 85122 bulbs, blacked-out shields, MDX Shrouds, Denso Ballast, Chrome Housing, Partially Clear Turn Signal, Chrome Turn Signal Bulbs
-Retro Fitted Blazer Fogs (w. XenonDepot Volt H11 4300k HID kit)
-YoSpeed.com Custom License Plate Trim (Removed)
-Weathertech Window Visors
-Rear si badge (Removed)

Parts on order or waiting to be installed

My future plans are:

feel free to suggest other parts.

Now onto some pictures. Enjoy!

July 6th 2008

July 7th 2008

HFP Aero Kit and 15% tint installed at the dealer

Some Time In July

Re-Installed Pioneer Avic D3, 12" Infinity Kappa Sub and Viper Alarm

September 3rd 2008

17" Fastwheels Virus with 215/45ZR17 BFG Gforce T/A KDW2

Don't miss those rims AT ALL glad to see them gone!

Dec 4th 2008

18"HFP Rims With 215/40ZR18 BFG GForce T/A KDW2

Grafixpressions.com red tail light tint

January 13th 2009

Installed HFP Sport Muffler

HFP Sound Clip

January 20th 2009

My TWM Short Shifter, Cable/Base Bushings and M1 Abrams Shift Knob

February 16th 2009
Upgraded to a VIP Member!!

March 2nd 2009
Installed HFP Suspension

Not fully settled I don't think but heres a installed pic!

March 4th 2009
Installed OEM fog lights. Also installed Accord Horn!

March 5th 2009
Installed LED License Plate Lights and got rear tint fixed!

March 10th 2009
Got Front HFP Lip Put Back On

March 12th 2009
Custom License Plate

March 16th 2009
Installed Alpine Speakers and JBL Amp

April 1st 2009
Grafixpressions Steering Wheel Emblem

April 4th 2009
Red Door Inserts

April 6th 2009
HFP Console Badge

June 14th 2009
8thcivic Meet

(jhardpink, PrEgO CaNe, Cobber, Uncle_Ruckus)

July 7th 2009
1 Year Old. 13,430km

July 13th 2009
ivtec DOHC Sticker Removal

July 15th 2009
Installed Front & Back JDM H's




July 17th 2009
Installed Ingalls Torque Dampener

July 27th 2009
Painted IM Cover and Dip Stick

August 4th 2009
Boomba Oil Cap and Battery Tie Down

August 13th 2009
Installed X Intake

September 22nd 2009

New/Old Valve Cover To Be Powder coated White

September 26th 2009
AP1 S2K Projectors with 85122 bulbs
Received My First Step To My Retro Fitting :woot:

October 7th 2009
p2r Throttle Body Spacer & Gaskets

October 13th 2009
Installed Carbon Fiber Radiator Cover

October 14th 2009
Installed TW FG2 Crew Decal

October 17th 2009
Installed Progress Rear Sway Bar & Painted Calipers Black With White Honda stickers from GrafiXpressions - Express yourself in vinyl form!...

November 5th 2009
YoSpeed Battery Tie Down and Door Sills Purchased from Celcius

November 6th 2009
Carbon Fiber Intake Manifold Cover & Spark Plug Cover Purchased from CorSport

November 12th 2009
MDX Shrouds

December 30th 2009
Retro's in Progress

January 2nd 2010

March 11th 2010

July 7th 2010
2 Year's Old. 27,210km

July 13th 2010
Blazer Retro Fogs

July 29th 2010
Retro Fog Install

and turned on:

September 15th 2010
YoSpeed.com License Plate Trim

March 9th 2011
Advan RGII 17x8.5 +31 and WheatherTech Window Visors and OEM All Season Mats

April 23rd 2011
Advan Low Rise Center Caps

April 28th 2011
Project Kics R40 NeoChrome Lug nuts

May 4th 2011
BuddyClub N+ Coilovers & Skunk2 V2 Gold Camber Arms

May 4th 2011
Mugen Gold Oil Cap

July 21st 2012
PasswordJDM Power Chamber & Custom Battery Re-locator

August 6th 2012
CSX Shifter Bin

August 26th 2012
Hondata FlashPro

March 24th
TL-S Brembo's and rotors and pads, Greddy Evo2, J35 Throttle Body, Custom Painted Valve Cover
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well i REALLY want to do the comptech s/c, and i just recently got a promotion in my job so i'm thinking hard about it. this year i've just been focusing on handling next year i'm debating on braking or i/h/e and i think the s/c might be the year after. i wish i could get my parts as cheap as you cause the CAN $ is killing me.
I was reading about superchargers vs. turbos for the Civic. And one school of thought is that turbos are the way to go, because superchargers work better on torquier, large-displacement motors. If you're imposing a load on the little 2.0L engine--one which doesn't really start making power until it gets way up in the rev range--it's kind of like an unnecessarily taxing & inefficient way to make power. In theory, a turbo--which works best with a high-spooling, rev-happy motor--should be the better way to go. In some peoples' opinions anyway... *shrugs*

Doors look great, btw!
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