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Rules For Vendor Classifieds.

1. Listings in said forum must be posted under current username registered with www.8thcivic.com as contributing sponsor.

2. Undercutting an item listed from one sponsor by another sponsor is not allowed. It's unethical, and may result in revocation of user agreement.

3. Members shall not post links to same item sales on sites other than the listing sponsors, to negotiate a lower price.

4. All sponsors agree upon posting within this forum, to use a standard "rules of engagement" process when and if, choosing to list an item similar to, or the same as a currently listed item from another sponsor.

5. Sponsors agree to list no more than 5 items at any given time. This will prevent a flooding of identical item threads from multiple sponsors. If a promotion has ended, please inform a moderator or Admin, so the thread may be closed. No sponsor will be allowed more than 5 open promotions at any given time.

6. Sponsors agree to only conduct business via thread listings with members requesting information. To engage a member in PM from any sponsors listing will result in termination of your user agreement. All business must be made public so as not to discriminate against other users.

This forum will be run in a business mindset, and the www.8thcivic.com Administration staff reserves the right to revoke access to any user in direct violation of stated rules, without prior warning. Rules are subject to change at any time. Please conduct yourselves in a professional, and civil manner.

- Administration Staff
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Not open for further replies.