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so recently ive noticed an abnormal noise coming from my skunk2 pro s coilovers.

i was dropped decently on my bbs rs for the summer season, dident have any issues until a week before i removed them and installed winter tires.
the noise continued after i raised the car and put the stock wheels and tires on.

i checked the rear coils to see if they were blown as it seems thats were the noise was coming from. No oil was leaking anywhere on either strut and the springs seem fine as well.
the car still holds its ride height ( ive heard with blown coils the car will not hold height ) and still handles fairly well.

i take the same road everyday, and know how the car sounds and feels going over different bumps and such, but lately on the larger bumps, i feel the decompression feeling a bit rough, like Im hitting a bump stop or something.
Im not, but i continue to hear a loud thud , louder then the rest of the suspension is making, coming from the passenger rear.

i cant figure out what the heck it is.
my guess is its either an alignment issue, looks normal to me though (no toe in / out, caster is normal, camber is slight)
or my strut / spring is starting to go , not having the same rates
or its a camber arm issue somehow.

any insight ?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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