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I currently have a 08' with almost 55,000miles.

About a few months back (4 roughly), My car started to develop a pop/clunk when shifting through the gears.
At first it was mainly in 1st - 2nd, but lately its almost all them except 6th.

The noise only occurs when actually using the clutch and shifting, So say I'm in first.. Accelerate to 30mph push clutch in *pop* shift into 2nd let the clutch go *Pop* again. Rinse and repeat though the gears.

Like I said Its used to only do it when cold and in 1st to 2nd, now it does it in all gears and regardless(expect going into 6th) the engine temp.

Now the only mods that I have could be related to making such noise is the Stiffy-dampener, but I checked that already which Zero play in it, and short shifter which I HIGHLY doubt would be an issue.

I'm kinda leaning towards motor mounts?

I just threw this question on here to get others opinion before i buy new after-market mounts.

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just for a run, take off the stiffy and go for a quick run... it could actually be damaged...

otherwise, sounds like it time to do a tranny flush anyway!
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