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I have a pair of headlights which is made by Caveman.

It has tsx projector and 4300k both of left and right side.

but, they seem different. the right side is more blue than left.

really small difference. so,I couldnt realize at the first time.

some of my friends say that's caused the angle.

but, I tried to see it a lot of different way. and, I found that's not true.

it has another reason.

so, my opinion is the bulbs.

I think left one is oviously 4300k. but, right one is a little yellow.

but, as I told you, not too much. still looks like 4300k. but, a little yellow.

so, that might be under 4300k. but, I have no idea what it is.

what's the next number's bulb right under 4300k? is it 4000k?

and how's that color seem like?

should I buy another pair of bulbs and try it?

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It may be that the bulb hasn't colorshifted. The more hours on the bulbs, the salts in them break down and change the color of the output.

The newer bulbs are Mercury Free. So they tend to have more of a Yellow tent.. The Philips 85122 + have a slight yellow to them.

I found switching out bulbs in my SC430, that Osram bulbs where more of a whiter outpt than the Phillips.
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