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*PICS/VIDS* Honda Civic LIVE, Los Angeles, CA 10/15/05

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Alright guys! not sure if any of you guys went to this event...was the promotional event for the new 06 civics...they had free food, lotsa freebees, concert, and the Ultimate car cruise, where you can drive around with a bunch of other civics and whoever else showed up!

Anyways, if you missed it, or even if you went, the pics we took are up, as well as videos of us driving around :)...had my camera set up in my car in the passenger seat again ;)


have fun downloading? there are 650 mb worth of videos in total from yestesrday....haha
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Thanks for the pics!! Looks like fun!! :thumb:
2fast4u2 said:
Thanks for the pics!! Looks like fun!! :thumb:
you should try downloading the videos...after u watch them, u just wanna go out and drive around. HAHAHA...the first and 2nd video are awsome!
im going to the one in San Fran this weekend! w00t!
Eazy said:
im going to the one in San Fran this weekend! w00t!
say what's up when u go to this! myself and my friend reyes will both have our civics there! we're leaving for norcal tonight...i have a black civic with socalcivic.com decals on the side, and reyes has a green civic with chrome rims and one socalcivic.com decal on the side as well! :)

<---- name's jon btw :)
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