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Does my car have a PCV valve, and where is it?

2008 1.4 i-Dsi petrol (UK model).

So almost out of nowhere the car is losing/burning around a litre of oil every 1000miles. Been happening for a year now and it's not getting better or worse. The car otherwise runs fine, or at least the same as it always has anyway. It never lost anything like this amount of oil in the 3 or 4 years before, no top ups required between servicing. Had a quick check done at MOT time and no signs of leakage were found and there's no signs on the road where I park.

I've started reading an article about diagnosing causes of excessive oil burning. And there was a mention of the PCV valve being a possible cause, and being an easy fix to carry out.

Can I heck find it, and I'm starting to think there maybe isn't one. There is an EGR valve and it stands out like a sore thumb, but some reading around I got the impression there's no chance this being clogged could cause excessive oil burning.

Any help greatly appreciated folks :)
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