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hey guys im going to purchase a DCRH in the next few weeks.
i was just wondering if i need anything else besides a defouler...

and also would it be better to get an angled defouler or just a straight one?

cuz i dont know if i need to eels in a bung for it..

thanks for all the help guys

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I don't have racing headers yet, but I am running a
high flow replacement cat (testpipe) for my car and
it requires a defouler, too. So, as for the defouler,
i'm running with a straight one (which works perfectly
fine) as long as I don't find reasons to have to keep
putting the defouler on and removing it more than a couple
of times. Either way, this can be simply eliminated by your
initial installation. Just make sure it's in there tight, and won't
wobble loose from vibration. The drawback is, the fitment
totally sucks because the o2 sensor wires are pretty
much touching the frame. I'm thinking that whenever
I'm not lazy, I'll just use a dremel tool and chop away a
little bit of the frame to fit my o2 wires so that they
aren't bent.

just sharing my thoughts to shed more light to your question.
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