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Hi all.
I need your help.

I have 2008 civic with an R18a engine and have been experiencing some problems with the car.
I took the car for a service this month (I bought it in august) and when I received it back I noticed a flat spot in the acceleration.
The car was peppy before this and now between +/-1500 rpm-2500rpm, it would bog completely and then pick up acceleration again (still slower than before service).

I then cleaned Maf and throttle body and completed idle re-learn but ended up with an idle of 1000RPM and bogging persisting along with rough idle.
I then asked the shop to reset adaptations (throttle position etc ) and now the car is even worse. The idle has come down but the car struggles horrendously to accelerate in all gears and seems to accelerate better at partial throttle compared to full throttle, please help, I'm at my wit's end and I don't know what to do.

Time Line
  1. The car went for a service (battery unplugged I assume).
  2. Developed flat spot in acceleration 1500-2500rpm.
  3. I cleaned Maf and throttle body.
  4. Completed an Idle re-learn.
  5. The car developed a rougher idle and high idle of 1000rpm.
  6. Asked shop to reset throttle position and they also reset other adaptations like spark/timing (not exactly sure)
  7. Car behaves even worse and struggles to accelerate in any gear, engine note changes at WOT and car accelerates better at partial throttle depression (still poor).
  8. Car chokes and bogges and idles extremely poorly, can't keep up with traffic/climb hills and take turns safely due to lack of power.
  1. Poor idle.
  2. Heavy fuel consumption 14l/100 km (foot is almost flat at all times to keep moving at normal speed).
  3. Bogges at WOT.
  4. Engine note changes at WOT (struggles and feels like its just dumping fuel).
  5. lack of acceleration.
  6. Have to slip clutch excessively to get started.
  7. Horrible vibration at idle.
  8. Accelerates better at partial throttle compared to WOT.
  9. No codes.
  10. No check engine light.

  1. Maf is good as car cuts out when it is removed.

Please help, I was so happy with the car before service , not sure if I just need to remap it or If the answer is simpler.



I believe the coil pack was disturbed during servicing and resulting in the above symptoms.
After replacing cylinder 2'S coil pack , the problems where resolved

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I would check your spark plugs and spark plug wires and make sure they are gapped correctly, make spark, and that the wires aren't near grounding anywhere (such as the rubber insulator isn't melted and wires exposed). This could possibly cause what you are explaining.
Thanks for the advice, I genuinely appreciate it.
do you think if they replaced the original spark plugs with a cheaper variant, that it could cause what is happening currently?

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Clearly, whoever serviced your car should fix this but you have already been there twice. You didn't mention what service was initially performed. Hopefully service was not received at a Honda dealer. Maybe another Honda dealer could help. I know my suggestions are not much help. Sorry. :sick:
Went back and the company who serviced the car said they don't know what is wrong and suggested a tuning company.
I will probably visit a honda workshop on payday if I can't get it sorted before then.

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Hello All.

Thanks to all that have contributed.
and sorry for the late response.

After some more research and fault findings of my own, I came to the conclusion that it was the coil pack on cylinder N#2.
The shop said that all the ignition coils were in excellent order( if it doesn't come up on their scan tool, it's not a problem apparently ) but after manually pulling each plug, I found cylinder 2 having no spark.

I replaced the coil pack and the car is running amazingly, I really missed the feeling of a healthy R18.
I will replace the other 3 coils next month.

Thanks again for all your advise, it's greatly appreciated.
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