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HoA called me yesterday morning. The rep said that dealers were backed up everywhere because of this problem. The only advice he gave was to find out where they would send the car and deal with them directly.

I don't look forward to shelling out a bunch of money for a rental...in April.
We had mine repainted back in 2012. They wouldn't even consider giving us a rental. Such a pain because we live about an hour away from the dealership. They sent it to Gary Smith Ford for it to be repainted. They did an awesome job, however, check for over spray before you take the car home. They made quite a mess with mine but it wasn't worth driving back out there to complain.
Good luck with yours!

mangopickles or killaB when's this "old crew" meet? I won't be in my hamster but I would still love to come.
We're always down. We can even just have a simple bonfire here one night after C-man goes to bed.
6521 - 6540 of 6548 Posts
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