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Panhandle Chat Thread :)

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whats up everyone........ long time no talk/see
56k>???? thats just a drop in the bucket.......... im getting ready to roll over 80k
yes indeed.... i drive alot. atleast 100 miles a day during the week and sometimes more than that ont he weekends.
for reals. thats how it is from my house. the closet thing is walmart and its about 15 minutes or so. but i lik eliving in the woods.
yeah. id love to move and experience life somewhere else for a while but i think id always come back. cant really beat free land when i want to build a house
my car is so dirty............. makes me sad.
i have the hfp suspension and absolutlely love it. i drive my car over 100miles a day and through all kinds of stuff. ive had it on the car for roughly 40k and have never had any problems scrapping anything. killab and mango helped me install mine it took a few hours with taking breaks and eating pizza.
sick?????? i think im getting a cold. going to get some medicine this afternoon. there have been several people here at work sick.

jess and b, your cars look amazing. mine is so dirty as usual. hows everyone else doing? matt if you do the front conversion i may be interested in the stock front end. mine looks like pooooooooooo
ready for a long weekend......... 4 days off. oil change, tire rotate and balance and alignment saturday and then hopefully new brakes and pulleys installed and maybe tuned on monday.
im gonna have Adam's Automotive do them. he quoted me like 40 bucks to do it
and yeah im gonna hcange the belt
i need to have my new brakes put on anyone know of anywhere good to have it done. i have called Adams in crestview but they did not call me back. i am at the honda dealership and they say i have 1 mm till metal on the from and .25mm to metal on the rear. i need to have this done asap.
hiya everyone.... was good seeing b, jess and matt this weekend. we def need to plan another meet sometime soon.
i did see you.... but not until it was too late to wave.... i was like wait that was a mugen..... oh and it was jess
jess and bryan already know but for everyone else.... i wrecked my car yesterday :-(. rearended a truck that had to slam on brakes because the semi infront of him slammed on brakes and swerved to miss a squirrel...... the whole front end is messed up, busted radiator too... im just hoping no other damage to the motor. the insurance adjuster is suposed to tak ea look at it today so hopefully i will know what the deal is this evening. im hoping they can get her back to perfect in no time.
yeah it is sad to hear.... now im just waiting to see what they say about fixing it
nope.... i was tooo out of it to take any. im gonna call the shop i took it to and see if they can take some and send em to me.
fml............ lets hope and pray that my car isnt totalled..... no gap insurance
big time...... if they do total it i may purchase it back and part it out if anyone wants anything
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