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I just wanted to know how many people would be interested in meeting up with Oregon and Washington people. I want to start putting names down and making things happen. I am not too familiar with Washington, but what are some cool things to do. I was thinking of a meet and lunch in Olympia Wa, I think that would be half way point with decent restaurants or what ever you have in mind.

Oregon folks we are meeting at the Sonic in Hillsboro at 10:30 am and leaving at 11:00 am sharp.

We are meeting in Olympia at Ranier Vista Park

The forecast calls for rain, but we are going rain or shine.

Sunday 2/22/09 1:00 p.m

1. JDM08civicsi -2008/FG2/NHBP Everett, WA
2. Madeline20 & HPOOPOO -2008/FA5/NHBP Hillsboro, OR
3. Turboblue -2007/FG2/FBP Kenmore, WA
4. REDdevil - 2008/FG2/RR Gresham, OR
5. VietStylezz - 1993/5th Gen/White Olympia, WA
6. Iceman1974/2007/Fa5/FBP Olympia, WA
8. Flores45/2003/FG2/RSX Type s Portland, OR
9. Dany08fa - 2008/FA5/FBP Olympia, WA
10. Dain/C2Kmaster/TW/FA5 WA
11. 2006/FG2/FBP Olympia, WA
12. Geezee562 - 2006/FG2/HABI Beaverton, OR
13. ROPFA5 - 2009/ROP/FA5 WA
14. Krazy2o6/2007/Fa1/GGM Seattle, WA
15. javier/RR/fg2 Tacoma, WA
16. arlo03/TW/FA5 Hillsboro, OR
17. denep21 white RSX TYPE S OR

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Finally getting this going!! goood job. Well this week the 15th is the meet up in Kirkland if you folks wanna come up. If not, the 22nd works too and we could have it down in Olympia then it'd be fair to everyone.

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Olympia I can do. I have sundays off too! haha put me down

VietStylezz - 1993/5th Gen/White

I know a really good road out here too. its kind of a residential road and im still scared driving on it, even during the day. haha. first time i went there, my friend in his FB spun out on that road at like 11pm. We can go eat at the red robins down here =p
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