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prizes for the BBQ Raffle:

1 x Nardi Deep Corn Steering Wheel 330mm, Leather
3 x Prolumen HID Kit
5 Sets x GP Racing Lug Nuts
1 x STRI Gauges Package (CS Boost Gauge, CS Oil Pressure Gauge, CS Oil Temp)
3 x Spoon Reservoir Cover
1 x Buddy Club Racing Spec Condenser Unit (Grounding Kit)

Maybe more!!

hope to see everyone there!!

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I'll join the westend crew if some of you are going. But i prefer to carpool, so i like to catch a ride with someone else ;). I bet it's gonna be a super packed parking lot, i mean it's not just 8thcivics people there, there will be other people from other forums.

So Steve, Jeff.......if you guys are going, let me know where to meet ya guys at the westend.

21 - 40 of 86 Posts