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Prolumen HID (High Intensity Discharge Unit) is the most powerful lighting solution yet. It is designed to perform in the toughest conditions to give you the largest and brightest visual field. On average, it has up to 3 times more light output, and covers 70% more of the road in front of you, when compared to halogen bulbs. This allows you to see further and have a safer drive.

Using the principle of arch discharge, High Intensity Discharge products arc light by lighting two electrodes, burning Xenon, iodide and such inertia gases contained inside a bulb, superseeding the conventional lighting by burning tungsten filaments.

HID is applied to high-tech automobile purposes. HID headlamps are standard in cars such as BMW and Benz, and are becoming a universal standard.

On Special For $220.00 (roughly $200.00 USD)

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