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I got my new 06 Civic EX (automatic unfortunately) at the beginning of the year. I have just been able to start working on it. I already have a K&N Typhoon ordered, and I'm looking into getting more, of course. I have my own taste and style, but I'm looking for some opinions/advice on which way I should go about a few things.

1.) I'm getting an exhaust system, but I'm between going HKS and Vibrant. I like the sound of both of them, but I still haven't found any solid sound clips to make up my mind, any suggestions? Also, I'm between going with a full HKS/Vibrant exhaust (Headers, HFC, ect.), and doing a Frankenstein deal and matching different parts together. Would that work out if I got matching sizes to the different parts and would it yield more HP? And how is the HFC on emissions? Specifically in TN.

2.) I'm getting HID's and I am unsure of which companies are good and who's products are reliable. I am currently looking at the Xenon Xenith lights.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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