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As some of you are aware, due to popular request, E-tunez has been considering offering a 8 session, 4 week tuning program. Well after years of you asking, we have listened, due to popular demand, this course is now going ahead from June 3rd to 26th! This is not a video only course, it will be taught with live instruction and students will finally be able to ask all those hard questions, and finally get the answers needed to show definite results at the track.

The course will be delivered by a certified instructor in adult education (CAE and Vocational) and an experienced Honda tuner. It will be taught in a online environment (for obvious reasons) and will cover everything you need to know to get started tuning your own project. It will require a basic knowledge of Mathematical fundamentals (linear relationships, ratio and proportion and percentages) and expand on this defining relationships in basic principles of automotive engineering.

The course will cover the theory and application of engine tuning as well as the main project which is creating a tune from scratch for a particular setup on the software of your choice, creating a tune for a project like your own vehicle, in effect allowing you to create your own Ultimate Tune. The tune will be reviewed professionally step by step to ensure student learning and tune quality. This will help foster understanding of the tuning process and in the end increase the skill level of tuners in the community. This course will be an introduction to neccessary tuning techniques geared towards Honda specific technology. By using live instruction and a small class (8) we hope to encompass and challenge a variety of skills levels. Interested? Email us at [email protected] for details.

More info here: EFI Tuning Objectives for Honda *June 3rd-26th 2014* | E-Tunez

Course Details:
(S1)Basic tuning styles and table functions, HP & TQ.
(S1) Sensor functions and requirements for tuning.
(S2) Differences between AFM / MAP. Tuning Tables (Cam Angle, Fueling and Ignition).
(S3) AFM Tuning techniques.
(S4) MAP Tuning techniques
(S5) Hybrid AFM/MAP Tuning.
(S5) Vtec Tuning, Indexing, and Cross Over points, and ideal measurements.
(S6) Ignition Tuning, KIL Tables, Sensitivity, and the Virtual Dyno.
(S6) Common modifications effects on tuning.
(S7) NA Tuning and Boosted Tuning
(S7) Project finalization and custom work
(S8) Project review - map graded results.

Course Project: Creating your own map (applied to a vehicle or theoretical).

The course is running from June 3rd to June 26th in the evenings from 7:15-8:15pm CST on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The course will include one perfected map created by the students and reviewed by the instructor.

The cost is an introductory special of $649 USD which is incredible value given the duration, time and compared to the hefty price of some dyno tuning courses offered by places like EFI University etc. It also includes the creation of an Ultimate tune by the student, and the idea is that the knowledge of the trade and the tunes that follow after that on your own time will more then make up the course fee.

There are a very limited number of seats due to the nature of the art and the focus on quality. The product will be removed from the list when full. Applicants will be sent a prelimary automotive science test and further instructions via email to prepare for the course.

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Thanks to our attendees, and for your inquiries, just a reminder the course will be starting next week, course registration will close on Sunday June 1st.

I will your instructor for this course and look forward to sharing some of my experience. I teach Auto Science for our local College up here and look forward to shedding some light on tuning and of course having a few more tuners in the community. Also, yes we do have tablet support and the course will be formatted and available to attend on an iDevice for convenience,

Thanks again,

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