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8/14/2005-8/20/2005 ill be in the cleveland area/medina. so if anyone is interested in getting together. fun times. its about 3 hours for me, webby said 2.5 for him and sky i know its about the same for u
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that would be cool. I'll probably be in. Shemmy?...anyone else?
LOL! That's a long drive. Put me in for a definate maybe. :)
i'm up for it!

that's right before i go back to school so i'll be kind of busy, but i'll definitely head out there for a meet.
very cool, so the list so far

C2i0v0i1c - yes
webby - yes
skyblue382 - yes
2fast4u2 -definate maybe. :)
shemmy - probably
Whoops, change me to a No Can Do.... wife's class reunion that day.
it's sometime during that week. No date specified yet... 14th - 20th or so. We will get a solid day here shortly.
We're having a meet in Dayton, Ohio on the 31st at the IMPORTFACEOFF, starts at 11am.
that is true, kil kare raceway
wow, the ohio area on this site is really representing. Welcome
v8eaterokv6 said:
whats up i live in dayton
whats up. You have pics of your car? Post it up if you have some.
Sunday the 14th is possibly the only day for me that would work. Things are really hectic right now. Anyone able to do like a 1 or 2pm meet on the 14th?
i'll be in connecticut august 11 - 15th, so i wouldn't be able to make it.
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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