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So ive been wondering what ever happened to the old cruise, and seeing as gas is still pretty cheap, i thought why not do a cruise down to like the So-Cal Area, we can meet up with those guys, or we can drive down, party (or whatever you want to do) and than drive back up the next day?

Anyways, im not certain yet, i still gotta talk to the So-cal guys, but as for the actual cruise, i was thinking of taking 101S the whole way down, it is about 2 hours longer but it's more of a scenic drive as you drive down the coast. if not we can drive down 5

AOL instant messaging: Flipvi3tboi15 (Brian)
AOL instant messaging: iNeFfAbLetUrBo (Tahsin)

When: April 3rd - April 5th (Friday Through Sunday)

Time: Morning

Meet up spot: Target on Capitol Expressway and Silver Creek/King

Plan: BBQ, chill, talk, make friends, etc...

Things Needed for BBQ: Meats, chicken, beef patties, hot dogs, hot dog buns, cheese, lemon, ketchup, mustard, forks, knives, spoons, napkins, plates and anything else I can think of later.

Make sure you have a 2 way radio. Get the radio's or you'll
be kicking yourself later. Longer the distance, the better it is :

2-Way Radios and Other - Motorola US

People who will be attending (depending on dates) :

1. Ineffableturbo (tahsin)
2. CivicSInewb (brian)
3. Superkhanh (khanh)
4. Mechandi1
5. Ayeyomoe (moe)
6. Mohouse (mo)
7. ComebackKid005
8. Raybyduhbay (ray)
9. Si vtec (maybe)
10. Cornizzy (cornell)
11. JDMjunKyFG (isacc)
12. Sk33ny (aaron)
13. Armyguy919 (harry)
14. Pandaem2 (Kim)
16. Speedstyles408 (andy)
17. HYPHY SiVIC (bj)

so the plan is drive down the 3rd (friday) leave san jose or so around 10am, get there at 5-6pm, and since most people will be tired we can just chill
saturday do the bbq, ppl from norcal we can stop at a grocery store pick up stuff
sunday the 5th head back to norcal, around 10am and be back around 5-6pm


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im down to roll if u guys ever decide to do it if not ill enforce it to happen haha jp. im down turtle dood.

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howcome ive got the feeling that this isnt gonna happen!
it will happen, just gotta see what the best date would be, im thinking spring break would be the best. im also working with a guy from so cal who's coordinating this cruise with the people down there.

how did i get on the list? lol
from the previous thread lol, that you said you were down
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