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Hi All:

I've searched around for a couple hours and can't find part numbers for the OEM synchros. I've read a number of threads that say Honda revised the parts to be carbon coated (yay!). I just want to be sure I get those...

My dealership as well as a few of the online parts sites only seem to sell these as whole gear sets, which I don't need. Kseriesparts has individual synchros from Honda that apparently fit, but when I pull those part numbers on the dealer, they reference the Acura RSX... are these the updated parts?

My output ring and countershaft died (teeth broke), and I'm replacing that, so I thought I'd do these at the same time. Transmission was rebuilt by Gearspeed 40k miles (and 15 track days) ago and WPC treated (but I'm not sure they did the diff parts...). They replaced the synchros at the time, but the shift quality has already degraded.

Thoughts welcome :)
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