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WHAT: Northeast 8thcivicfest '09 (Day 2)

WHEN: Saturday May 9, 2009 @ 10:30am FEEL FREE TO ARRIVE EARLY!!!

WHERE: F.D.R. State Park **Lot/Picnic Area 6D**


WHY: Do you really wanna miss the largest 8thcivic meet ever?

2957 Crompond Road
Yorktown Heights, NY

Please read this entire post to be sure you have all meet info! Especially before asking questions that are already answered here! :readtherules:​

Before I get into any meet details, there are a few things that need to be covered first.

There are a few rules that need to be followed during this meet:

-NO burn outs or unnecessary revving
-NO parking on the grass
-NO alcohol allowed at this meet
-NO speeding in and out of the park, please obey the signs

If you cannot follow these simple rules, you WILL be escorted from the meet by the local police. We assure you we have no problem calling them.

Let me repeat that, if you act like a douche or someone that's riding in your car acts like a douche, you will be kicked the F out. It's that simple.

We will not allow someone's poor judgment and immaturity to jeopordize such a great meet location.

Let's act like civilized adults and respect the NY State Park Commission for allowing us to have this meet at this great location.

Although this is an 8thcivic.com meet it is not restricted to just 8th gen Civics. Please feel free to bring your friends along, provided they can follow rules. Please DO NOT post or advertise this meet on any other forums. This is the only forum this meet is to be advertised on.

If you are traveling in a caravan, be sure to check out these helpful guidelines, it may save you lots of trouble and money. click here---> Caravan guidelines

Ok, now that we got that out of the way, on to the good stuff! :woot:

It's about that time again 8thcivic, and myself (Jordan), Sinister Sindy (Shawn), and tuner student (Andrew) are doin it even BIGGER this year! Bigger prizes, and more free stuff! All "free stuff" has been donated by 8thcivic and our generous 8thcivic sponsors. Thanks so much to all who are pitching in to make this meet a success!

There will be a $3 entrance fee for ALL cars entering the meet. This fee will help cover misc meet items, and the park fee. Each 8th gen Honda Civic driver will receive 2 giveaway tickets. One ticket will be for 8th gen related parts only and another will be for non 8th gen goods(t-shirts, stickers...etc).

ALL NON 8th gen Honda Civics will receive 1 giveaway ticket for a shot at the non 8th gen related goods(t-shirts, stickers...etc).

Those tickets are yours and you are entitled to do with them what you wish. If anyone decides to leave before the giveaway goes down and you'd like to give your tickets to someone else, that's fine by me, each ticket is bought and paid for.

There will be large caravans showing up all at once and only 1 car can park at a time, so please be patient and DO NOT sit there revving your engine! We will park starting at the end of the row and fill in all spaces. Please take the next available space when parking and DO NOT leave any open spaces. There will be no VIP section or anything like that so please do not try to make one. If you have trouble following directions, please let us know ahead of time and we will be sure to give you extra attention. :D We would like the cars to be parked as neatly as possible so please practice backing into parking spaces if you need the practice! Thanks for the cooperation everyone!

ALL CARS entering the meet will pay upon entering and receive their giveaway ticket. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE try to have exact change! The attendant will not be able to make change for everyone!

The meet starts at 10:30am. Please feel free to show up early! The first 50 cars will receive a prize! :woowoo:

We will have our own BBQ and will need everyone to bring an item!

PLEASE post in this thread (click HERE) to let me know what you will bring.

Also, don't miss out on the fun of day 1 of this 2 day meet! You can find all details --->HERE!<---

Last years pics: http://www.8thcivic.com/forums/introduction-pictures/96278-northeast-8thcivicfest-08-aftermath.html

Last years video: YouTube - Mid-Atlantic Invades NY for 8thcivicfest 2008

Special thanks to-

Those that are coming from out of town and plan on booking a room, here are a few places with the best rates I could find. If you would like a cheaper place to stay please let me know. I can post up a few shacks in the surrounding area, however I would recommend staying at one of the first 2 places below...

Courtyard Marriot Poughkeepsie $100+/night
2641 South Road/Route 9
Poughkeepsie, New York 12601
Phone: 1-845-485-6336
Website: Marriot Poughkeepsie

Residence Inn Poughkeepsie $100+/night
2525 South Rd
Poughkeepsie, New York 12601
Phone: 1-845-463-4343
Website: Residence Inn Poughkeepsie

Econo Lodge $80+/night, but not as nice as above hotels.
2625 South Rd.
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
Phone: (845) 452-6600
Website: Econo Lodge Poughkeepsie

--->Don't miss the fun of day 1! Great Adventure, here we come!<---

pic from last year...

The List:

1. Qshooter151 +1
3. tuner student +1
4. Will06SI
5. Gonzo
6. Mitchyy +1
7. SacrificeTheory
8. ryryninja
9. gsantos79
10. Phalanx
11. Mean_Mug'en +1
12. Strate L O S S +2
13. Dizzle0420 +3
14. siracergrl +1
15. wanga
16. KMM +1
17. portabuddy
18. 06blaksi
19. 91EclipseGS
20. 00celica
21. 90and90
22. 06Honda06SI +1
23. dt07Si
24. pon55
25. SiBill29
26. CivicShortie07 +2
27. Ninewestgirl
28. vingavina
29. redhotcivichick
30. Ibiza
31. civic tech
32. SiMarkus
33. RedBattleAxe +1
34. White99EX
35. Jdog_Si
36. Poljana
37. nevertofast +???
38. jj71
39. Xtreme Thunder +1
40. get em
41. 06k2o +2
42. 8thGenFireman +2
43. Juice2Boost
44. DwP 02 +1
45. Jewbacca +1
46. homeboyv +1
48. miketat594 +1
49. vtec.lu
50. BaradA
51. DatBigDude
52. Iamjust2fast
53. FijiBlueCivic +1
54. whiteKnoise
55. fourtwizzy +1
56. FLiP wiT da FLo
57. FG2NME
58. GeezerSi
59. tmrC1V1C +1
60. Show Stoppa FG1
61. Xenin +1
62. 09KingK20
63. djdefcon
64. Al.BrEeZy
65. wall_tico
66. 08HawndaSi
67. Teebo07si
68. Zangoose GD3 Blue
69. jdm free
70. CenZ
71. Galaxygirl
72. mmmken +1
73. dbrownk20 +1
74. rednek +1
75. simplicated1979 +1
76. gkit19986 +2
77. Cr8tive_leo +1
79. hondahead814 +2
80. ethlar
81. BlackOut070 +1
82. 8th Si Girl
83. Audioserf
84. gch4601
85. R18Mug06
86. DwP 02
87. sweetred_si
88. 08taffetawhite +2
89. ezze90
90. brazilianguy +1
91. NightStrike +1
92. dc5tunerx
93. 08 black si sedan +1
94. WhiteSkivic
95. Squid
97. bumi
98. IVtecDou
99. dodik
100. SAllY
101. cooleyblues +1
102. BNI688
103. 2fastfa508
104. melguy16 +2
105. 08 Royal Ex
106. Br3aker4lyfe +3
107. CarNut4Eva
108. Magnolia
109. Haz Mat +1
110. r1ch1e
111. Lao
112. Ritz
113. 2-CRXs-and-my-SI
114. civicgotspeed
115. Togish 1
116. 06K20
117. Slav
118. rippars
120. fbfg
121. dfine06
122. dkcivic
123. hbracer93 +1
124. chaohliu +1
125. xvoltm2
126. Worm
127. B MAN
128. Milzy
129. my2008civicsi
130. K757
131. Juaka45
132. Ramzal
133. CiN +1
134. BlueSi4
135. gezbk +1
136. Ajan028
137. Nhbfa5
138. John63850

TENTS TENTS TENTS!!! If you have one PLEASE BRING IT!!! They came in VERY handy last year!!!

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