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SO you got a ding or dent? (Jax/St. Aug)

OK - so you do everything you can to protect your car. I see you, taking up two spots, parking in the back...well sooner or later someone is going to open the door of their big Florida truck and put a nice ding on the side of your perfect little civic. Sometimes (like in my case), they leave a colored scuff mark to help you identify the culprit but you would be lucky if the offender was still in the vicinity. So you try to ignore it, knowing that a trip to the body shop will run you a good few hundred bucks. Well, I took mine anyway - $320 bucks for a door ding that I had no control over. Every time you walk past your car you hit that angle where the light bends off the dent and right into your eyes. So I was referred to this guy by the body shop that gave me the above estimate. He specializes in small dents and door ding that require no painting. He is mobile and can come just about anywhere and fix your little ding in about an hour for 60-80 bucks. I was so happy with this guys work that I just had to pass along the info to you guys. Mine cost me about 80 and it looks like it never even happened! :dancing:

Dent Repair Mobile Service
Darrell Collum (904)-910-1510
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