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NorCal's Hwy9 Cruise Thread

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The weather seems to be getting better, so I think its time to bring the cars out. I would like to use this thread to plan group trips up to Hwy9. Mo,Sk33ny,and I had a blast this weekend up on 9,and wanted to get a group together for a drive possibly this weekend (May 1,2010).
Please post here if you would like to go. I plan on many drives this summer and would like this to be the place we organize our drives. I<3 Hwy9. Let's have some fun..

Hwy9 Meet spot: Taco Bell parking lot
Actual address: 535 West Capitol Expressway
San Jose, CA 95136

And on an other note, please remember, we are going to have fun up there, even if that means just cruising with ur windows down and just listening to music. Please DONT over drive your car. We are there to have fun , not setting world records. I'm sure some of us are gonna push real hard. Just remember, leave plenty of space between cars, and leave plenty of room for braking.. Please use the turn outs for faster traffic, I'm sure Mr. Cool and his Corvette are gonna be out there someplace. Just let them go..
Mr. Cool ftw!
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1 - 6 of 280 Posts
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