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NorCal's Hwy9 Cruise Thread

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The weather seems to be getting better, so I think its time to bring the cars out. I would like to use this thread to plan group trips up to Hwy9. Mo,Sk33ny,and I had a blast this weekend up on 9,and wanted to get a group together for a drive possibly this weekend (May 1,2010).
Please post here if you would like to go. I plan on many drives this summer and would like this to be the place we organize our drives. I<3 Hwy9. Let's have some fun..

Hwy9 Meet spot: Taco Bell parking lot
Actual address: 535 West Capitol Expressway
San Jose, CA 95136

And on an other note, please remember, we are going to have fun up there, even if that means just cruising with ur windows down and just listening to music. Please DONT over drive your car. We are there to have fun , not setting world records. I'm sure some of us are gonna push real hard. Just remember, leave plenty of space between cars, and leave plenty of room for braking.. Please use the turn outs for faster traffic, I'm sure Mr. Cool and his Corvette are gonna be out there someplace. Just let them go..
Mr. Cool ftw!
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im in as long as the weather permits, which it should. :thumb:

Let's get a list goin for this Saturday
so far saturday looks nice n dry :woot:
^^ o wow :eek:mg: thats wasuuup......... just be safe brotha, and we'll prolly have you up front lol

Edit: also guys, it will be real helpful if most of us have two way radios.... trust me, it will be real helpful and it allow us to communicate instantly and alert each other of any road hazards, cops, etc....
^^ lol im down to lead. anyway how much are two way radios Mo?
thats wasuup.... the two way radios range from about $25 to 40 at target, walmart, etc....

I will have an extra radio if anyone wanna calls dibs to borrow..... however, plz remember to return it to me once the cruise is over.
someeone called dibs i forgot who
feel free to plan the most optimal route guys.... just make sure what ever roads we take are paved atleast decently. I dont wanna go thru a rough terrain full of rocks and dirt.
HWY 9 was nice when I drove on it. Wish I could bring you guys the old roads I used to have to drive on. You guys would have a ball with the windy roads and high speed limits.
ya.... only thing is with PA twisties is the potholes sometimes were ugghhh.... rough drive terrain needless to say.
great cruise guys and awesome staff meetings!!!! :thumb:
^^ u past us on 9?? :eek:mg:
hahaha Javon.... there was so many street bikers, couldnt recognize urs :/

But ya, fa sho.... next time hit us up bro!!! :thumb:
ugh Vi... u did the 911 challenge. I looked at that chicken and saw nuthin but blackness
props for doing it though!!! :thumb:
hahahhaa good pics james! :thumb:
once i get shocks for the ej1, i wanna go on hwy 9 and see how it handles.
^^ yea.... andy is a dependable guy :thumb:
who is down to hit up hwy 9 on Saturday? I myself, am planning to go cruising prolly mid day Saturday.
the Si... its been covered and i havent driven it in sooo long! :(
FYI, me and sk33ny and few others are gonna hitup 9 late night tonight.
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