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yeahhhh me and mohouse hermanoooooooooo :rotfl: decided to go to eibach again so heres our road trip onto the pics boy and girls
leaving lol

had to fix a fender right quick


gas up before we hit the road :badger:

first rice of the trip

new joysey in cali WTF

pit stop it was getting warm so we had our first staff meeting :pimp:

were hereee

adventuresd in hollyhood :rotfl:

lunch time

shortly after lunch we crusied over to the hollywood hills to get some pics and :pimp:

jersey pose

ughh this house was having a hybrid meet

some spot where u can over look la omg the SMOG was horrible i didnt even want to take a pic..but i got mos car parked right where i wanted it :thumb:

met up with mikey

lol ha and angelo

tape is offf and chillen at vinhs house


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andddddd were back...

dinner time at some bomb ass mexican restaurant forgot tjhe name


nice ass :rotfl:

nao were at mikeys with civicmarc and mikey darknight so on and so forth
:corona: i got ****** up

i dont even know


like i said we were ****** up :corona:

onto eibach..mikeys car

were here and there he is folks mr www.canibeat.com dt07si

thinking of his babygirl :rotfl:


best sticker ive seen


got more attention than a naked girl walking down the street



my friend sergios car from the 831 hatefreefun

mohammit and sergio

sooooooooooo amazing

love his valve cover and u cant go wrong with itb's

forgot his name but hes on 8th heres his car
:rotfl: thats him with the :pimp:


had our final supper with this fool before he moves to texas :(

new front end thanks to truffles and new wheels for him again

last but not least booooooty yes she said i can post them dont trip :pimp:

id like to thank mikey for letting us crash there and for mo for everything :thumb: shukran habibi

tha end

and we out like a babies head :domokundance:

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mmmmmmm.... good road trip and good times indeed!!! Thanks for the pic and thread Wheeler :thumbsup:

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Great pics! :woot:

Was Weelie the name you told me when you talked to me? :scratches:

Oh and j5 is moving to TX?!
lol no its wheeler thats my last name but only cincin calls me weelie :rotfl:

and yah in 2 weeks :(

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My Bad. And your name is Aaron right? I think thats the name you told me. :giggle:
sall good yah aaron wheeler aka wheeler aka habibi aka wilbert aka willard aka willis just some names my friends say when were too :pimp: to think
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