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Hey Everyone!

So I understand that there is a very old similar thread like this but I don't think is as alive. I haven't been in the scene for a while but I have owned my fg1 for a couple of months and wanted to see more out there and explore the community.

  • First things first, WHERE are all the civic's in the eastbay area!?
  • Second, WHERE are the meet and greets now a days?
  • Third, WHERE has the scene went?

Maybe someone can put this thread in way better wording than I can, but just trying to bring the eastbay community closer. Could start by pics of your ride, meet and chat with locals, or even host a mini meet up? Plenty of things we can do to improve the scene in the area.

Keep IN Mind
This Does NOT Mean Only Eastbay Locals
We Are All One Community

Located in The Une, most likely you will know the neighbor hood that is if you are a LoCAL
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