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noob question on wheelcovers to rims upgrade

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i have an lx civic and have been thinking about gettin rims, but i really see no point to it since the wheelcovers look decent. is there any reason y i should upgrade to rims besides for looks? will rims improve performance for everyday use? i always assumed that the wheelcovers + tire is lighter since its not metal.
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Most people do it for the looks and some do it to loose weight of the car. like if they auto cross. What you have right now are stealies and the hub caps on top of them.
I think that the stealies weight around 25 pounds if you want to make sure u can sheck the oem wheel thread.
But there are deffinatelly lighter wheels out in the market.
1st you will have better looking rims
2nd depending on what weight of rims u get your miles per galon will increase, and your can will accelerate a little quicker.
If you dont race and dont care what they look like dont get wheels. The gas saving is so negligable that depending on the cost of the wheels (around $1,000 for light weight) it will take forever to recoupe your money in gas savings.
i always assumed that the wheelcovers + tire is lighter since its not metal.
It's not the plastic wheel covers that are heavy, it's the steel wheels they are hiding. I would think that most, if not all alloy wheels would weigh in lower than a steel wheel of equal dimensions.
i always forget to add the steel wheels into the equation, but i figured it was still lighter cuz of it's size. guess its startin 2 make sense that rims r better cuz of the lighter metals used. i might just leave them alone for a year or 2 until i have enough money. i have another project in mind. thanks for the input everyone.
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