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So, I got something going on and wondering if there are any fellas out there that can help me diagnose whatever I got going on.

My shifting sticks, the clutch has a faint squeal, the car starts a little loud and shifting at a high RPM is not even a thought anymore. A Friend of mine thinks its the slave cylinder because it looks as if there may have been a loss of fluid. We have bled the lines and refilled and it seems to stay at the same level. There is no indication of a leak near the master cylinder, which I haven't got the slightest clue on how to get to it, but that's a seperate issue.

Honda East said it was my Syncros b/c of the bulletins out and wanted to charge me $$$$$$ to fix it, but the car has gotten stuck not just in the third gear and at idle to where it wont get into a gear. After a few pumps, frustrated throws into a wall on the shifter, and a few screams, it seems it went back to norm. Took it to Kings Honda and they think it is the clutch going dead.. Never done a clutch job before.

I dunno what it is! Anyone got any insight? Live nearby and want to take a gander? I have a 1 car garage, jacks and tools we can poke around with to investigate?


So I have some new noises coming through the car. I am not sure what is going on! It sounds like a rattling can or something. It happens mostly around 3000 RPM and in the lower gears. Someone said it sounded/felt like the throwout bearing is making that noise. It happens when I start the car too. It pretty much does it every time no fail on start up.. Listen to the sounds.. see what you think.

You will need Itunes/Quicktime to hear these... I used my phone to record the noises.

The first sound file: http://dinkydetails.com/civicsounds/Memo.m4a
You can hear the can rattle pretty good. Sounds like a heat shield almost.

The second sound file: http://dinkydetails.com/civicsounds/Memo-1.m4a
This is me just driving normal... you can hear in around the fourth gear a slight rattle

The third sound clip: http://dinkydetails.com/civicsounds/Memo-2.m4a
You can hear the rattle pretty much all the time.

Lastly - http://dinkydetails.com/civicsounds/Memo-3.m4a
This is the car on the highway in 4-5-6 I believe, no noise, no rattle..

Anyone have a good ear and have an inkling as to what it could be?
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