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I lost my rear sound on my stereo, at least it was temporary. I have an aftermarket amp and sub installed in my sedan, I've had it for a few months with no issues. Yesterday I was playing some new CD's I burned and had it cranked up higher than normal, 21+ sometimes, when I got home the music was sounding weird, when I checked in the rear deck I had no sound whatsoever, no sub, no rear speakers, the amp was still on so I knew it wasn't that, the fronts had sound ok. I even tried the radio and another CD thinking the one in the player was bad, still nothing. Well I had no time to investigate, and I was thinking the factory amp might be blown and that I was going to have to put everything back to stock because If I took it in as is the dealer would say that my aftermarket sub and amp caused it. Well when I went into the car this morning the rears including the sub were working fine. My question is, does anyone think the factory amp might have gotten overheated and shut the rears off, and if anyone with an aftermarket sub/amp setup had this happen to them before?

link to my sub/amp install
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