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Ok People,
I have been checking the status of the new track facility and everything seems to be going smooth. They started paving last Nov and it seems that they have finished a good percentage of the track.
Pics here:

Project Status

Here's a list of the different phases for the entire facility. It will take a number of years to complete, but the first phase includes the main course, which is gonna be awesome.

Phase I

Thunderbolt Raceway and Ancillary Facilities
Track-related Services
100 Shade Tree Garages
Country Club Clubhouse
Classic Car Gallery
VIP Suites
Karting Track

Phase II

Driving/Training School
Commercial Corner
1 Hotel (150 Room Lower Price Point)
1 Hotel (100 Room Mid-Price Point)
1 Extended Stay Hotel (120 Room Mid-Price Point)
1 Hotel (200 Room Higher Price Point)
3 Restaurant Pads
Trackside Industrial Center (approximately 400,000 SF)
Educational Component


¾ Mile Oval Track
Off-Road Course/Training Facility
1 Hotel (200 Room) with Conference Center

This is going to be incredible. Here's a the complete diagram of the track facility.

And they already posted the schedule for 2008. D1GP, ARCA and others will be having events this year. Again, this is freakin awesome.

Schedule link: 2008 Event Calendar

8thCivic members should definetly represent at the many events for this year. Especially all the Time Trials events. See you there.

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Did you also check out the membership fees???
$10,000 initiation
plus additional $2,500 a year
plus $500 deposit.
PLUS if you want to use the Road Course its $150 per day per person.
I haven't made my first million yet, but maybe then will I be able to afford something like this.

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Englishtown sucks. You would have to compare this to Daytona when the run the 24 Hours of Daytona, or Virginia International Speedway. This will be a very high quality track. The memebership fees are pricey, but they are aimed at customers with privater cars or those with high end luxury and exotics. Anyone can pay $150 for a day, but prices can be cheaper if your going to a specific event like with SCCA. The organizers of events will be able to charge different prices, so I would expect some track days for under $100. This is going to be great all the local car enthusiasts.
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