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the guy in the merc was to my right and slowing down and the exit was straight ahead.
I proceeded to put my right turn signal on to change lanes after seeing his headlights in
my rear view mirror. so as my cars right tires wwere riding on the reflectors on the ground,
i looked over again only to see his car creeping on my right side about the same distance were
my rear tires were. i casually rode off the reflectors back into my original position and i heard tires
screeching and felt my self spin clockwise. look over at my passenger side window and saw oncoming

i then pretty much braced myself for another impact
and the same car happend to hit me right under my right
headlight deploying my side curtain airbag.

nothing happened to his car but my car got the worst of it.

i also just got off with the body shop and said that my cars worth 12.5 and the damage was 4.5... im gonna get another quote if my insurance doesnt total it. airbags deploying should be rather expensive right?
1 - 20 of 71 Posts
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