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Skip down to **** to skip my backstory rambling and see the advice needed lol I tend to talk excessively, excessive and precise detail was rammed into my skull from the military and school. (medical field)

self-intro- (skip if not interested) I'm mostly illiterate for the most part when it comes to working on cars. Never had the time nor anyone to teach me stuff so don't roast me to badly lol I've always been an import lover. Extreme enough that I have honda tatted on the back of my leg in huge letters. Im not a total idiot. I can generally replace most anything with a haynes manual or a youtube video, it would just take me forever.

anyhow, I'm currently driving a 2007 honda civic si coupe. I got this car while in the military about 4 years ago and I commute 1.5 hr to and from school mon through Fri. in 3 years I've gone from 84k to 189k miles. The roads here are trash and are infested with potholes. My wheels are bent and need to be replaced. (the car was already riding rough and noticeably leaning more towards the driver side when parked)

a buddy of mine works as a mechanic for Honda. So he will be doing the work for me. (id be beyond broke without the cheap labor. I just replaced the clutch with a stage 1 exedy and an exedy flywheel, new compressor, new starter, amongst a long list of other crap all going wrong in the same time frame. (makes me miss my 98 Ek hatch)

basically, I don't know anything about suspension. I want my car to have a smooth ride again. I'm open to fully adjustable setups, but generally, I don't want this car low enough to the ground to the point potholes and speedbumps become a nuisance. Functionality is the priority. (ima need this car for the next 4 years of med school) So what all do I need to buy for him to restore my car to its former glory? I'm lost lol

**** in short, what do I need to buy to restore my suspensions performance? The wheels are currently bent, so new wheels will be needed as well. So what would the ideal wheel size be in addition to the suspension needed for me to have a smoother commute without worrying about my car being low enough to cause problems? I'm completely fine with stock level. I do remember being told my rear driver side camber was worn out and compliance bushings were busted. (no idea what that is) Also what brands do you guys recommend / what were your personal experiences?

-- for the addition of fog lights? what brand would you guys recommend and is it a pain to install them? bumper has platic where foglights would be.

--if you read this i'm impressed. Thank you for any and all direction and advice.
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