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Lets get a meet going at the NY Auto show at the Jacob Javitz Center. The show dates are 3/21-3/29. I'm not sure which weekend so lets see who can make what date.

Event Description:
The 2008 NYIAS will showcase some of the hottest concept and production cars ever seen. Many of the vehicles will be cutting-edge innovative design studies, others just a few steps away from production, but all provide a window on the future of automobile design and technology. In addition, more than 43 vehicle manufacturers will feature over 1000 new cars, trucks, minivans and SUVs.

Exhibit Floor Dates & Hours:

Public Show Dates

Ticket prices are as follows:
Adult: $14.00
Child: $4.00 (children 12 years and under)

1. 06blaksi
2. Illusionstwice
3. djdefcon
4. 1.8L FG kiDd
5. PhalanX
6. babaki
8. Qshooter151 ????
9. shaolinman99
10. SiBill29
12. Xtreme Thunder
13. CarNut4Eva
14. CrackThatTec45
15. monto
16. KEVtec possible
17. divinebarrel & gf
18. ethlar pending meet date
19. HHondaZC
20. Demo22
21. 06 Civic Ex & 3 friends
22. Will06SI
23. pon55 possible
24. 00celica & friend, pending date
25. Sinister Sindy possible
26. iceberg384 + 1
27. Jdog_Si
28. ElMartilloGordo
29. edwa12
30. inyong1988 possible
31. Piotrush
32. Topplayer
33. luiek20
34. cdubb77
35. 4DoorWhore & friend
36. tuner student & friend
37. Dar-Dar
38. nevertofast

Well it looks like the majority of the people picked the second weekend. Maybe a good idea is to split everyone into 2 groups now. Organize 2 different "meets". One for the first weekend and one for the next. I am available the last week of the month so I'll be going the weekend of the 29th. I'm also gonna have a mod add a different poll to see which day that weekend is better for everyone. Whoever is going on the prior weekend, does someone want to start a thread with everyone who chose that one?

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this isnt like a hang around and chat about our cars meet/....no room for that in NYC just hanging out in the javitz center right?
I'm sure we will hang out for a bit but the day is going to be mostly about the show. Maybe we can invade a restaurant afterwards

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same here ^^^^^ :dancing: I usually make time for the NY Auto Show, I'll be down to chill wit yous, add me and GF to the list (schedule pending). LOL If the list gets big we should rent a bus to go down, lol 8thCivic NE NY Auto Show bus trip. Our Civics wont make ot out of the pot holes in the city. That sounds pretty good! lolz

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I'm in... I can arrange for a restaurant invasion afterwards. Parking will be a pain though.
During last years NY car show there was no street parking and the so called "event parking" deals were charging 40$.
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