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EDIT: You got me thinking. I just cancelled my order for the Buddy Clubs. I really like the look of the A-Techs (knock-off Mugen GPs), and I'm also considering going back to 16" wheels - still undecided?

I guess I'm still in the market for new wheels!


I placed an order for a set of 17x7 A-Tech Finalspeed Erasers in gunmetal, only to get a call about 1 hour later telling me that these were no longer available.

I talked to the guy and he gave me a deal on some 17x7 Buddy Club P1 Racing SF in gunmetal for the same price as the A-Techs. These are also 1 lb lighter than the A-Techs at 17 lbs each. Getting rid of my Si wheels (23 lbs) to the BC SFs (17 lbs), I'm going to be loosing 6 lbs at each corner!

Sample pics:
Buddy Club P1 SF
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