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From the Tokyo salon, and from earlier news.

The Volk TE37 successor (I've always thought the TE37s were ugly, these are actually nice), VR G2:

No, they won't fit our cars, heheh. Lowest you can go is 19"

Here's a brochure scan:

On the Zele Performance 370Z:

Mine's GT-R. That front is still ugly though, heheh.

Here are other wheels/colors debuting this year:

VR G7:

VR G10:

RE30 in two new colors, one being black w/ silver lip (bleh ugly)

I like the VR G7 and G2 a lot. Finally VR wheels that actually look nice, heheh. Never been a Volk fan in terms of aesthetics.

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I've always loved the TE37, and the CE28N, but I'm not really feeling any of these.
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