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recognize the name from lvrs, welcome :D gj on reppin vegas, people were starting to think we were weak.
haha yuuuup same person :). weak? haha naw depends just depends on who the visitors see...

woot woot vegas never seen your crew but props
don't trip just ask around about us ;)

where are the good pictures?
dang yo, waddup with the disrespect. lol but It's all good these aren't the best of shots I agree haha.

not bad, were all the pics taken by u? and what do you shoot with?
yes I did. 1-8 were taken with a simple point and shoot fujifilm s5200 :) cmon gotta give me some props for working with somthing like that haha. Then, my girlfriend let me use her EOS for the rest of em, still trying to get used to it...I'm trying to get a new setup soon so ill probably have a before and after pic thread up in the near future.
1 - 20 of 45 Posts
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