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Hello everyone! I've had my 8th Gen for just a little over 10 years now. Messed with it non stop since I've owned it, came here for advice but never joined. I just wanted to introduce myself to the community. I'm Larry and I have a 2009 Civic Si sedan. Lowered on skunk 2 springs for now, rolling on ESR's black chrome SR01's 18x8.5 with 215/35's Nitto NeoGens. I've done the simple normal mods, short ram, throttle body spacer, strut brace on the front. Just recently finished up the solid motor mount kit which i think just looks fantastic. I haven't driven it yet, its still on jackstands. I'm working on the front and rear sway bars. All new links, red poly bushings and a fresh coat of aqua green paint. Cleaning up the bottom of the car the best i can. Nothing special but i love this ol thing just like many of you do your own. Drop a comment and let me know what you think. I try to ball on a budget and i do everything myself so i save and build it as i can. I have other plans for suspension and performance but i'm getting into the pricy aspect of things so we'll get there. Check out my TikTok @larrydhgarage i try to record some of my projects to share. Thanks to all of you that post and share the knowledge and know how on these things. I appreciate it!
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