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Here's a brief vehicular history:

Year of purchase: Year Colour Model - Transmission (ownership status)
1998: 1988 Red Chev Cavalier - Auto (sold)
2000: 2000 Silver Canadian Civic Si (equivalent to the US EX) - 5spd (sold)
2001: 1998 Black Prelude - 5spd (sold)
2005: 1994 Blue Supra TT - 6spd (sold)
Spring 2008: ??? 2008 Civic Si Sedan - 6spd (pending)

I'm planning to get the Si Sedan come spring. I have 2 other cars not listed above of ZERO interest to anyone (read: Minivan & Sunfire) for daily abuse, and I figure there's no point subjecting a car to a Canadian winter if I don't need to. It's not like driving in the winter is fun anyway. Well, it can be, drifting is great in the snow.

We just got the Si Sedan here in Canada, and that's perfect timing because I need something with 4 doors for the family with enough sporting pretention to be good at the track (I go 1-3 times a year, hopefully more with the Si). Of all the cars I've owned the Prelude was the most fun, and I'm hoping to recapture that fun with Si. After driving it, I would say that it is essentially a 4-door prelude.

I have all winter now to learn as much as I can from the forum and make some mod choices for when I actually buy the car.

As it stands nowI'm leaning towards the following:

For the initial year:
Fiji Blue Pearl / Flamenco Black Pearl
Remove the iVTEC sticker (gotta keep it on the DL)
OEM Dash trim kit (not planning on any future stereo upgrades)
HFP body kit
HFP suspension kit (seems like a good starter suspension for year 1, I'll sell it for a more flexible setup down the road though)
HFP exhaust (like the noise, doubt I'll miss the 3hp I'll be passing up by not going cat-back, but if RSR puts out an Ex Mag for the FA5, I'll go that route instead)
Paint the brake calipers (always wished I could do that on the Prelude before the brake calipers got oxidized)

For years 2+:
Adjustable shock setup (I had Koni Yellows and H&R sports on the Prelude)
18s with KDW rubber (I've picked out a set of 18x7.5s I like the look of, anybody know what the best offset is for that size given a 1-1.3" drop?)
I'd like to ditch the stock Si spoiler and get the lip spoiler (anybody know if that's available in Fiji?)
Brakes, brakes, brakes (definitely a weak spot on the Si)
CF hood (had one on the prelude, it was wicked)

Can anyone tell me why the Sedan doesn't come with the coupe front bumper? There's no comparison, the sedan front end is lousy.

That's about it. Looking forward to posting. :coffee:
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