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Warning: lots of reading, TL/DR at the end

So I happened to lick into an 06 SI off a mechanic who kept in on a mechanic's lien. Dude did a clutch job and lady won't pay up. He and I got to shooting the ****e for a solid half hour and I said something about how I wanted a k series pretty bad and he said he has that si that just sits and goes to waste. Been there for 3 years and the lady wont come get it. He told me 700 bucks, running and driving, get the out of his shop. All stock k20z3 6 speed, owned by some chick that worked at Honda that put like 180k miles on it and likely never knew how to put the pedal down, judging by the carseat in the back. Interior is in decent shape, body is mint. I'm just gonna yank the swap and part out or scrap the rest seeing as I dont want or need an 06 SI and I want to do a k series CRX and there are title discrepancies. Guy also has a k24y2 grom a 2013 crosstour that some lady wrecked and blew the radiator in but kept driving. 9k miles and she overheated it for a solid half hour and smoked the head gasket and likely warped the head. Guy claims it still ran even when she pulled in but told me he wont make any guarantees and told me if it were his he would rebuild it.

So TL/DR I got a stupid cheap k20z3 swap with everything included and a k24y2 totalling at around 900 all said and done.
I just need to know the value of my haul, mostly.

I was thinking i would run the k20 for a while and build the 24, but I'm just trying to get an accurate value on everything I pulled together here. If anyone else is interested he has a k20 and a j35 sitting in his garage as well that I'm positive I could get to anyone cheap. It's out in the boonies east of lima ohio. If anyone wants body panels or seats or just the whole shell no title for stupid cheap, feel free to let me know via DM. I'm not sure what the rules are regarding no title sales on this forum so PLEASE if I'm doing anything wrong just let me know and I will edit the post.

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